The first award score of the 2004-2005 season happened in the Hoops Accounting Classic.  Scott Helberg tossed the county's first 300 on September 15th.  Atta boy, Scotty JJ Westhoven is on a roll already, shooting scores of 279-268-274 for 821 on 9/22/04.  The week previous, JJ shot 771.  So after 4 weeks in the Hoops Accounting Classic, JJ's only averaging 245... gheesh...

Tony Adams is one guy, and I hate to say this, who I'd love to copy to my own game.  He has both accuracy and great ball roll,  It's a wonder that his wife still averages higher than he does but I stopped trying to figure out things that don't make sense a long time ago.  Anyway, congrats to Tony on his 300 on October 6th in the Hoops Accounting Classic.

John had the kind of week others dream of.  He had his first 300 of the season at the Timbers Friday night, turns around on the following Wednesday and does it again. SWEET.  Nice going, dude, on your 300 on October 27th.  Once again, I need to re-do the picture.

Andy Phillips got back into a scoring groove on December 1st shooting the first 300 in over a month, coming on the Hoops Accounting Classic. (I should be getting some sort of residual every time that league gets mentioned <grin>).

Kevin Pickering... what does one say?  On December 1st, Andy Phillips shoots his 300 in game one of league, 45 minutes later, Kevin sends the hoops and hollers from the Classic league down to 23 and 24 to the Kurtz league as the night's second 300 comes from the handicap league.  Too cool!  Kevin scores his first perfecto and the night ends with both leagues having one perfecto each for the evening.

Is this an opening of the floodgates of what?  Two 300s last night and Lefty Stacy Proudfoot strokes a 300 the following night on December 2nd in the Woods Auto league.  This is Stacy's second career perfecto and it looked great.  Stacy got a new ball a couple of weeks ago and quite honestly, it's a truck!  One of the best looking 300s I've seen.  Nice going, Stace.

This makes for an interesting story.  Last week saw one 300 each from the Kurtz boys and the Hoops Accounting scratch fellas.  One week later, Bill Botjer subs and scores his 11th career 300 in game one.  Five minutes later, the Kurtz guys match it.  Wednesday must be the hot day to bowl, n'est pas?  Congrats Bill... my old mentor.

Yup, it was bound to happen.  Since we had 2 300s last week on Wednesday, the question was not if, but who.  Bill Botjer completes his 300 and 5 minutes later, Uncle Bob posts the nights second 300 on December 8th.  Tell me this isn't getting to be a rivalry between the 2 leagues on Wednesday night on who will get the first 300 each night.  Kinda fun, actually.  Nice going, Bob.

Who will be the tenth honor score of the season? I still have space.