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Hours of operation:


Due to the 10:00PM curfew put in place.....we will temporarily have different business hours. We will now be running 9a-10p Monday through Saturday with Sunday remaining Noon-7p.
Because of this....our Friday and Saturday glow bowl shifts will also be affected. Friday will have glow lights on from 6:30p-10:00p but be subject to hourly/game rates. Saturday glow bowl will only available every other Saturday due to scheduling conflict with the league. for the foreseeable future with the same hourly/game rates being used as Friday.
Also a reminder that yes, masks are MANDATORY to enter the building and must be worn while not at your lanes. Which means anytime walking to-from snack bar, bar, counter, bathrooms, etc.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you.





 Start dates will be up after being determined at the meetings:

League Name Team Size Meeting Date Meeting Time StartDate
Terry Henricks CDJ 3 Mixed 8/24 8:30 PM Sept. 14th
Rolling Pin 4 Ladies 8/4 9:00 AM Sept. 8th
Wendt Shoes 5 Ladies 8/4 6:30 PM Sept. 1st
Lucky Strike 4 Ladies 8/5 9:00 AM Sept. 2nd
Terry Henricks Ford 5 Mixed 8/5 6:30 PM Sept. 2nd
RAK Plumbing & Heating 5 Men 8/6 6:30 PM Aug. 27th
Mr. NC Ladies Handicap 4 Ladies 8/6 6:30 PM Aug. 27th
Sat Nite Mixed Doubles 4 Mixed 8/1 6:00 PM Aug. 29th
Eagles Nest 4 Mixed 8/2 2:30 PM Aug 30th
Weekend Warriors 2 Any Combo 8/2 5:00 PM Aug. 23rd
Saturday Juniors 4 Mixed 9/5 9:00 A.M Sept. 12th


Ages 5-21

Saturday morning Juniors bowl 3 games every Saturday and league sign-up day will be Sept. 7th at 9:00 AM.  The price this year will be $9.00 weekly. There is a $6.00 sanction fee for the season that is due on the first week. The initial week (Sept 7) will be for setting up teams and will include 3 free games of bowling for all. Wins and losses will begin on week 2 (Sept 14). The $9.00 fee is waived the first week, but the $6.00 sanction fee is expected to be paid on this week. The final week will be March 28, 2020 with awards passed out on April 4th, 2020. 

Juniors do not need to sign up in advance. They do, however, need to convey to the coordinator on that first day if they are bowling with a friend/friends or need to placed on a team.

We also know that things come up in a 7 month period with junior bowlers. With this in mind, if the kids cannot attend on any Saturday, they can make up the bowling ahead of time. This is something that gets used quite often with busy schedules.

The success of this program is based on the belief that junior bowlers need instruction at every level, whether a beginner or advanced. There are usually 6-8 coaches providing instruction on a normal Saturday. Most are certified instructors while others are talented bowlers from our leagues volunteering their time. Their knowledge and dedication to the kids is what makes things work. If you want your kids to learn the sport, this program is the perfect fit.


Anytime Doubles

The Spring "Anytime Doubles" league will be beginning Sunday, March 1st and run for 10 weeks with the last day being Saturday, May 9th. 

What is Anytime Doubles? Well it's a non-sanctioned ADULT doubles league in which there is no set time or day when you have to come in each week to bowl. You can come in virtually at any time during business hours that works for your schedule (as long as we have lanes available not taken up by other leagues i.e.: Thursday night leagues from 5P-9:30, Glow-Bowling, etc.) The cost is $15 per bowler (or $30 per team) each week.

We do ask that you do your best to try to stay on pace with the league in regards to getting in once every week for your three games each week as it helps keep the league flowing and keeps the standings up-to-date as best as possible. We understand things come up in life, hence the whole purpose of this league, but the last Saturday is last day to make sure all weeks are completed as the pay-out will be made asap after completion of the league. 

Bowlers must be over 18. To sign up or for more information, call Randy or Shawn at 419-592-1841. 


Standings will be available at this link as we are able to update: Click here



Summer kids bowl free program will start May 1st Monday - Saturday from 11 am - 5 pm and run through the end of August (minus the month of July while we are closed.) You can call in for more information on this program.



Final results for the 2019 summer leagues are up!

For those interested next summer....we offer two trio leagues for the summer both starting the first week of May and run for 9 weeks, Teams can be any mix of men and women. Cost for both leagues will be $12 for each bowler. As always you can call Randy or Shawn at 419-592-1841 for more information.


Wednesday Summer Mixed: Click here

Thursday Summer Adult/Child: Click here


Weekend Leagues...

For anyone looking to join us for league bowling this season: The Saturday and Sunday leagues bowl every-other weekend. Those leagues are open-ended so there is no such thing as being too big. In other words, there's always room for one more team. Contact us if you're contemplating joining one of the weekend mixed leagues. Sat Nite Mixed is mixed and needs only one member to be of the opposite sex. Sunday's Eagle's Nest calls for 2 Men and 2 Women. 


The Weekend Warriors league is now an unsanctioned doubles league that can be any combination of men and women and will bowl 4 games with teams switching lanes and opponents based on game wins and losses.



*Prices subject to change







Milkshake (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)




Ice Cream


Fish Sandwich


Pop (Sm)




Pizza Burger


Pitcher of Pop


Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Coffee (Sm)




Jumbo Dog




Grilled Cheese


Milk (Sm)




Chicken Strips




Boneless Wings (8)




Chips (Regular)


Pretzel Bites


Chips (Uncle Rays)


Bosco Sticks


Chips (Pretzel Rods)


French Fries


Beef Jerky


Onion Rings


Extra Condiments (Ranch, Sriracha Ranch, BBQ, etc.)




Extra Cup of Cheese(Sm)















Each Topping








 **Toppings Include Pepperoni, Mushroom, Sausage, Onion, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers


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